Passenger Car Tyres

Our range caters to budget-conscious customers with standard cars, as well as proud owners of luxury touring saloons as well as outrageously powerful Sports Cars, for whom exceptional performance and driving experience are prime concerns.


We stock standard size tyres (B-series) from one of Bridgestone's many factories in SouthEast Asia. All factories are monitored for technical excellence and quality for which the brand is famed, from the technical centre in Kodaira, Tokyo prefecture, Japan.


The AR10 range is now the entry level pattern of choice. This means that finally major-brand performance tyres are within the reach of the average motorist. MY01 is the high performance tyre of choice, for the young and the young at heart, whether driving a Japanese sports car or a mid-range saloon. The upper end of the range, in the Turanza and Potenza categories, rapidly add additional technologies and features for the ultimate driving experience.



Featured Tyre

Turanza AR10



The replacement tyre for the popular ER60 Turanza range of tyres. Introduced in 2007. For comfort, long life and exceptional handling in a wide variety of cars. It has since been superseded by the Ecopia EP200 pattern.


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